Lowering the Drinking Age Would Be a Mistake

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Lowering the Drinking Age Would be a Mistake There has been an ongoing controversy in the United States for many years on whether or the not the drinking age should be lowered to 18 or stay at 21. Underage drinking arises in high school and only continues to get worse in college. Students are continuing buying alcohol through fake identification cards, getting into bars and drinking illegally. This process is completely unsafe but it is not as dangerous as to what would happen if the drinking age was lowered to 18. Various individual s such as students and adults think that lowering the drinking age would have a positive effect more than a negative one. However there should be no debate about this argument if keeping the drinking age at 21 saves lives. Certainly, it is evident that an excessive amount of people drink before the age of 21; thus, countless number of people do feel that the only way to stop this thing called underage drinking would be to lower the age to 18. Unfortunately, over 100 college presidents have chosen to address the issue by signing onto a group called “Choose Responsibility, whose key purpose is to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 (Laura Dean-Mooney 1). It is obvious why college presidents want the drinking age to be lowered because it is one less thing they have to worry about. With most college freshman being 18, presidents will not have to take all the precautions to stop underage drinking and have to deal with the consequences they must acquire when a student is caught drinking. Although, many feel that lowering the drinking age to 18 would cause more problems some feel that it would cause less. During a 60 Minutes interview with reporter, Lesley Stahl, former President of Middlebury College, John McArdle made his point very clear. McArdle, a supporter of lowering the drinking age to 18 stated that the 21 Coalition law is

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