Binge Drinking On College Campuses Essay

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Binge drinking on College Campuses Binge drinking is a problem on most college campuses despite regulations on alcohol usage. To crack down on alcohol abuse, college officials increased the drinking age from 18 to 21 and introduced tough regulations at fraternity and sorority houses, which have long been associated with drinking. The new regulations and the drinking age of 21, appear to have shifted the party scene from fraternity houses to rental houses, many of them outside the campus. Washington and Lee University president, Kenneth Ruscio asserted that it will be more difficult to respond to irresponsible drinking now that the drinking fun is conducted outside campus. Fraternity leaders and university officials both agreed that they can’t ignore the issue just because the students have moved off campus. President Ruscio therefore supported the Amethyst Initiative which seeks to reopen the debate about the drinking age. Response: Heavy drinking among college students represents a significant public health problem which if left unchecked will ruin college education. The article explains how social clubs like fraternities permit students to drink but did not provide guidelines on how to drink and have fun responsibly. I think as future leaders, college students should be aware that their behavior is always on the limelight and be more careful when involved in situations such as binge drinking. College administrators have a role to play by instituting regulations to minimize heavy drinking. Some of the rules, even though might not be popular with students, should be maintained and enforced. Conclusion: It will be out of place to ban drinking among college students but at the same time it will be wrong not to consider the effects of heavy drinking on college education. I think college administrators should consider setting up their own centers within the

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