Underage Drinking Is Harmful

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Underage Drinking is Harmful Alcohol is a substance that is very dangerous and if used incorrectly or immaturely, the consequences can harm the users and the ones around them extremely. People have been debating the drinking age for years now, whether it should be lowered to 18 or kept at 21. In 1970, 29 states lowered their drinking age, and things were catastrophic; needless to say, they all raised the drinking age by 1976. Alcohol is a drug; in fact, it is the most widely used drug in the world. People abuse alcohol all the time, especially teens. Therefore the drinking age is 21, because alcohol is a privilege. Alcohol is a dangerous drug for your body and people tend to drink too much which can lead to alcohol poisoning that may result…show more content…
They think it should be lowered to 18 for many reasons. For one, being 18 means one is technically an adult and are able to smoke, vote, and register to serve our country, then why can’t you have a beer with some friends? This makes one an adult and see adults drinking all the time, but you are not able to just seems unfair. One could be going out to war and putting their life on the line, but when they come back, they are not able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with some friends may seem outrageous to them. The television promotes drinking all the time too. Any movie or television show on now days seem to have some drinking in it. And growing up one always saw this on television, ads, etc. and were tempted to drink. The law knows people are going to drink in college and a little bit in high school. There’s no way of stopping that. But teenagers these days drink to get drunk, and they don’t drink all that often so when they do, they get very intoxicated. If the law lowered the age, then teens would not look to drink to get drunk all the time, they would drink to relax like adults do. Plus teens wouldn’t be as broke, because they are not getting in trouble by the cops and getting minors. By getting a minor, it can ruin their whole life. If one got a minor in college, it may prevent them from getting a very good job in the future, it they were to look at their record. Which they may think is very sad, because one mistake when someone is young can ruin their whole life. But people that vouch for the drinking age to be lowered to 18 tend to forget that the body and brain is not fully developed
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