Essay About Lowering Drinking Age

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Debate about lowering drinking age Lowering the drinking age to 18 would give legal adults the rights they deserve. A woman is old enough to sign a legal contract, get married and buy property, why can’t she drink a beer to celebrate? A man can do same thing and train to shoot M-16s so why can’t they drink to cope? Allowing alcohol into people’s system at a younger age will teach them lessons, such as the right way to consume alcohol at the good amounts at a time verses over drinking and getting drunk then having a hangover the next morning. Why should one be trained to shoot a gun at age 18 which can directly end one’s life? Drinking can only kill in drunk driving accidents and over drinking. If people are taught how to drink the correct way both drunk driving and over drinking can be…show more content…
security and severely drop the demand for fake IDs. Rising the drinking age hasn’t prevent underage drinking; it has caused 18-20 year olds to over drink and become addicted to alcohol. The drinking age should be lowered to 18 because when you turn 18 you earm so many rights, why not be able to drink and celebrate a little. Drunk driving is most common between the ages of 21-24 instead of 18-20 years old. When you are first allowed to drink is when people get inane and don’t know how to handle alcohol and driving. Even if we raise the drinking age to 20 there will be still drunk driving accidents mostly iun the age group of 30. There are health risks that come with drinking but there are also health rusks from eating too much sugar or salty food. Health problems come from over drinking. If a person drink in moderation it wouldn’t cause major health problems. Just about everything you do has heath risks, even drinking too much water! The brain is not fully developed until age 25, and we are currently allowed to drink at age 21. Since people drink before the brain is fully developed anyways why can’t the drinking age be
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