Essay Against Lowering The Drinking Age To 18

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Lower the age of buying alcohol In Sweden from 20 to 18 In Sweden, an 18-year-old adult can get married, go to war but can’t buy a beer. All young adults drink alcohol. They can get it from friends that are 21 or older or buy it from some Polish immigrant who sells cheap, sometimes dangerous alcohol. No matter what the age is people will manage to get alcohol. 18 year olds obviously also want alcohol, because they gain every other right in society. But the government has decided to limit the people’s freedom and decided that people under 20 are not responsible enough to drink. And what 19 year old wants to sit and watch a 20 year old or their parents and probably the whole government drink alcohol while they can not drink because the 19 year old is “not…show more content…
Humans should be able to choose over her own life. It would be one thing if alcohol was illegal. But it is not. Everywhere a person goes there is alcohol. Parents, teachers and Politian’s all say that younger people shouldn’t drink. But they do all drink. Their argument is that people younger than 20 “aren’t responsible enough. But the parents are? Who are they to decide who is responsible and who is not. It is discriminating the freedom and democracy of our country. Having the age at 20 increases the underground/illegal drinking. If people cant get buy alcohol they will find other methods to get it. Some people will have older friends buy it from them. But some buy cheap, foreign, illegal alcohol, which can be dangerous. A lot of European countries are proof of that if the age decreases the illegal/black market will also decrease. So, why have the age 20? The Politian’s should either change the alcohol laws to 18 or make alcohol illegal. Not say that alcohol is “bad” for young adults but harmless for older adults. Because now, they are spoiling the freedom/democracy of the country and increasing the illegal

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