Is lowering the age the answer?

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Is Lowering the Age the Answer? The question has been brought up recently whether or not the legal drinking age of twenty one should be lowered to eighteen years of age. The drinking age was set at twenty one years of age in 1984. The drinking age is not a set law throughout the country though. Any state can lower the age of legal drinking within their boundaries if they choose too. However, if any state chooses to lower the age, they will be cut off from highway funds from the government. So the debate has begun in many states whether lowering the drinking age would benefit our country or take it downhill. Many colleges are supporting the idea of change for reasons including reduced binge drinking among college students and eighteen year olds should be able to have a beer if they can fight and die for their country. Many people oppose the idea arguing eighteen to twenty year olds will only drink more if they are legally allowed to. The answer is simple: lowering the age will only lead to increased underage drinking, increased alcoholism and an increase in the number of alcohol-related traffic accident fatalities. Those in favor of lowering the drinking age argue that a lower age will reduce the appearance of alcohol as a “forbidden fruit” for those under the age of twenty one, therefore reducing the number of eighteen to twenty year olds who binge drink (Answering the Critics of Age 21). If the drinking age were to be lowered, the “forbidden fruit” would still exist, only to an even younger population. Fifteen to seventeen year olds will see their older peers drinking and will want to be included in the activity. The “forbidden fruit” is simply being passed down from one age group to another, not disappearing. This also leads to the point that an increase in alcohol use in fourteen to seventeen year olds will occur. Many eighteen year olds are still in their
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