The Alcoholic Drinking Age Should Stay at Age 21

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10-08-12 The Alcohol Drinking Age Should the alcoholic drinking age stay at age 21? In the United States “The federal legislation passed in 1984 required all states to set the legal age for the purchase and public consumption of alcohol at 21 years” (Drinking). Many people believed that it is safer to keep it at age 21, because for safety of the teenagers and the community. However, the regulation for alcohol drinking age should be changed to age18; because 18 years old consider like adult. In matter of fact, many teenagers in the United States weather or without their family consent they consume a lot of alcohol. In most part of the world there is no age limit for consumption or drinking of alcohol. There are three reasons why the alcoholic drinking age should be changed to age 18; to build a great confidence and responsibility to teenagers, to avoid bad relationship teenagers with their parents, and to save teenagers lives that perish by over-limit alcohol consumption. The first reason why should be change the alcohol drinking age to 18; is in order to build a great confidence and responsibility. Changing drinking alcohol age limit from 21 to 18 would definitely to make a positive difference inside of the household. Teenagers would be more responsible for their actions. "American society has determined that upon turning 18 teenagers become adults’’ (Responsibility).There is a fact actually a law that an 18 years old teenager can vote, buy cigarettes, and serve in military in the United States, why not allowed them to drink or purchase drinking alcohol (Responsibility). There is also a law states that a16 years of age teenager can obtain a driving license in Texas. If a 16 years of age teenager given a driver license in Department of Public Safety Texas and this indicates that this 16 years old teenager would be

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