How Bingeing Became the New College Sport

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In Seaman's essay "How Bingeing Became the New College Sport," the author addresses the problem of pre gaming and the major effects of the legal limit for alcohol. * Topic: How bingeing became the new college sport Claim: And why it would stop if we lowered the drinking age. The author’s point of view is that “I’ve been there I know what happened because I know what I did”. He thinks that they should lower the drinking age because it will take away the excitement. Pre gaming is when college students gather in dorm rooms or apartments and drink as much alcohol before heading to parties or clubs. According to Barrett Seaman this is frequently seen in young 18, 19, and 20 year olds possibly for the reason that they're not allowed to legally drink and feel the temptation and need to do it secretly. Seaman shares some of his experiences with drinking in college and mentions how through some of his visits he saw undergraduate students who had done severe heavy drinking which lead to many alcohol poisoning, and even some deaths. For instance, he states he saw a freshman "who had consumed 22 shots of vodka" in a dorm room. However, the author believes that the actual alcohol isn't the problem but instead the problem is the law of 21 being the legal age for drinking. Seaman thinks that because the underage kids are prohibited to drink legally they are more tempted to do it but if the drinking limit were to be lowered to 18 then yes at first they would drink a lot but eventually they would get bored of it and they'd settle down to get their other priorities straight. Hence, Barrett Seaman hopes that pre gamers are allowed to come out so they can begin to learn to have control over alcohol like any adult. I really liked this essay, it’s something that I’ve had experience with, not so much as the underage drinking, but pre gaming before going out was something that I

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