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Bronson Guimond Guimond 1 English Composition (HC111) Dana Anderson 20 September 2011 Legal Drinking Age in america There are many reasons why the government has passed laws on the legal drinking age in America. I believe that if a human being of any age thinks they are capable of consuming alcohol, then they should be able to do so. Alcohol is very dangerous if it isn’t used responsibly. I understand that because of many teen deaths due to alcohol that the government changed the drinking age to 21; however this is not going to stop teen drinking. I would discuss this topic with an audience consisting of teens, parents, and government representatives.…show more content…
However many of them had opinions, but no facts to back it up. I realize that many people under the age of 21 cannot handle alcohol. I believe that at the age of 18 you should be able to consume, and purchase alcohol. If you’re able to smoke cigarettes or fight for your country there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to drink. Substance abuse is a huge factor, but that is the choice the user made. Many kids throughout the us can sit back and drink a beer and be perfectly responsible. It’s the group of kids that want to drink, and spin out f control. Teens that lose all self-control when drinking should realize that, and not drink as much or not even drink at all. America has the highest legalized drinking age in the world. We are considered to act like adults at a pretty young age however we still feel childless and young because we don’t have the same opportunities as a “21” year old does. Some of the biggest countries in the world have holidays where kids of all ages drink as a tradition. The deaths from alcohol in these countries are less than the us, which should tell people something. I think that if you grow up around a legal drinking age of 18 instead of 21 kids would mature more at any earlier age. I think that the fact that teens cannot drink legally makes them want to drink more, and go crazy. Colleges all over the world have been starting an
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