Exemplification Essay Age: Raising The Legal Drinking Age

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Britney Pickering Mary Fahey English 1A; 2-3:20 16 April 2014 Legal Drinking Age: The American drinking culture is a nice chunk of American history, especially when one targets the youth and their rambunctious acts of drinking alcoholic beverages. All around drinking culture tends to be a very important factor when it comes to youth’s social life and although the legal drinking age is 21, everyday that law is broken. According to a study conducted in 2007 by NESARC, in the past years, 46% of young adults involved themselves with extensive drinking that were well over the suggested limits (Nakaya 39). This subject is crucial for others to investigate, especially that of the younger generation, because it will allow insight behind the…show more content…
It has been proven that this law has helped to save thousands of lives. It has majorly reduced the number of drunk driving related accidents among teens, saving over 25,000 lives (Roleff 85). With the number of saved lives being so high, it no wonder that this law has stayed effective for over 20 years, it allows for a safer environment and community for all age groups and not just targeted towards the youth. “Raising the drinking age is not a fad or experiment. It’s a proven success. Nearly every state that has raised the drinking age to 21 has produced a significant drop in the teenage driving fatalities” (Nayaka 193). There has been further evidence that portrays that law since been effective has caused those under the age of 21 to drink less in their youth and less later in their 20’s. Lowering the age also declined the access to of alcohol to minors, thus also not allowing for them to participate in underage drinking (Roleff 86). These laws were in place in order to maintain the protection of the youth and such evidence has shown that these laws are holding true to their original…show more content…
In a sense it acts as a factor of reverse psychologically, by making the alcohol illegal to youth, it tempts them to want to drink even more. In few studies it shows that children who are not being subjected to not drink alcohol, actually do not need protection from such laws. These children have freedom to learn the ways of drinking in the comfort of their own homes and not deal with the stress of hiding drinking habits by family. Also with being allowed to drink at home, it prevents the youth from learning dangerous drinking habits from peers, when rather their have adult figures to guide them with their drinking. They learn how to control their drinking and what to expect from the effects of the alcohol (Nayak 141-142). This may be true for some parts of the world, but it does not deem overall success in achieving overall healthy drinking habits. It still leads to harm development and early age drinking still has potential to raise the risk of alcohol abuse in adult life. As an example, by Wechsler and Nelson, most European countries have lower drinking ages, this has resulted in a rise of drinking problems among teens and the amount of binge drinking is doubled that of the U.S. When New Zealand lowered their drinking age in 1999, they were definite increases in the number of emergency injury influenced by alcohol, as well as the higher rate of

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