Analysis: Should Teens Be Tried As Adults

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Teens or Adults? Should young teens be tried as adults for their criminal actions? Both sides have been argued for many years in the juvenile courts. Teens that have committed serious crimes have been tried as adults. Although many people are against that, others have felt it was right even necessary. Yes teens make mistakes and do unnecessary things, but treating them as adult’s isn’t the right thing to do. Juveniles shouldn’t be punished as adults, because they’re still maturing and still have the mind of a child. Teenagers often don’t have the mind of an adult, so why try them as one? In Adam Liptak’s article “ Locked Away Forever” published in The New York Times he tells us of the case of Joe Sullivan, who was charged with sexually…show more content…
Which comes in, why kids shouldn’t be try as an adult. Most of us teens act pretty much like kids when were still 15-17 years old. In Adam Liptak’s article “Supreme Court to Rule on Executing Young Killers” published in The New York Times quotes “And jurors may not necessarily accept expert testimony concerning recent research showing that the adolescent brain is not fully developed”. Jurors have to accept the fact that teens brains aren’t develop and still may act like little kids. Also the fact that teens are so rough towards one another there brains aren’t thinking on what can happen if there physical towards people violently. Adults sometimes complain that were not adults yet, reasons why we can’t drive, buy alcohol, nor vote. In Paul Thompson’s article, “Startling Finds on Teenage Brian” published in The Sacramento Bee stated, “While research on brain-tissues loss can help us to understand teens better, it cannot be used to excuse their violent or homicidal behavior. But it can be used as evidence that teenagers are not yet adults, and the legal system shouldn’t treat them as such”. Jurors should think while there in court that treating teens as adults is something pretty much unfair, because why try teens as adults if there not even close to one. Reason why we have limited privileges in the country, why we can’t get a lot of things in life, because we’re not ready for the real world out
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