Kids Are Not Adults

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Laura Rosales Ms. Martin Period: 1 12th Expo. / Comp. December 13, 2011 Kids Are Not Adults Juvenile justice in courts is a worldwide problem that can have negative consequences for the general community climate and for the right of people to live in a safe environment. In the article “startling finds on teenage brains” by Paul Thompson, he states that teenagers are losing lots of brain tissue and they cannot control their impulses. I think teens should not be tried as adults because they have not experienced how does the adult world works long enough to realize what they are doing. They should however be sentenced to work for the community so they can know and analyze what were their crimes consequences. In addition to the lost brain matter all the prosecutors and specially the government is setting severe sentenced to young adults. We should not punish them because reasons are to why we call children kids. We can not call them adults when they are not tried as one. Either we call them adults and punish them or we call them kids and do not give them privileges as adults. In the article “Startling Finds on Teenage Brain” by Paul Thompson he says “A child is not a man”. How can we consider a kid who is unable to think the whole perceptions of the situation a man. A child has not enough experience, and does not have enough knowledge to be an adult. A child is not capable of doing thing adults do with the same views. A child has a different way of thinking. They want to get what they want, but do not understand from right or wrong. An adult knows what are the risks, and what is going to be like; when they make their decisions, but a child does what comes first to his/her mind, and they don’t think things over. “Research suggests that adolescents squeezed through the adult system are more likely to come out as violent career criminals than similar kids handled

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