Importance Of Discourse Around Youth

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Shaun Taylor YCD205 Discourse Around Youth In this essay I aim to look at my own philosophy, values and beliefs in a critical way and how they help me in my work with young people. How do my own beliefs and values dictate how I relate to young people and should I try to instill these beliefs and values on young people or let them find their own level. Who can say that these beliefs are correct and that what I value is right. I feel that when I am working with young people all I can do is try to help them make decisions with the knowledge that all I can do is give them guidance and this comes from my life experience. As a youth worker I feel that I should attempt to give the youth the best advise that I can give, which mainly comes…show more content…
I will never promise any young person anything I can’t deliver. These young people have been let down by society in many ways and so many now feel a lack of trust in any organization. Admittedly the scheme that I am part of is purely voluntary and so you would be right in thinking that engaging with these young people would be easy but far from it. But if we begin to force young people to engage with us as youth workers then we no longer become youth workers but social workers and that is not what I want the young people to think of me as. I always feel that unless you are learning something from young people then you’re not really working with them. Unfortunately, so many adults do not understand that young people have their are their own culture and discriminate against them accordingly without giving them a real chance to change people’s perceptions this again is one of my aims in working with these disaffected young…show more content…
As a youth worker I want to encourage young people to challenge the negative beliefs and concepts they have of themselves and to reflect on them. A set of boundaries, both physical and emotional, help to construct these challenges.  A commitment to support and guidance within a non-judgemental, structured framework are the tools which I can help young people look at themselves critically and make assessments of their own worth and

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