Juveniles Tried As Adults

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What makes an adolescent into a man? Growing up I was taught that what makes you a man is being responsible, showing maturity and having good judgment. According to the United States Government, being an adult is the complete opposite. Minors who have committed crimes which show their immaturity are being tried as adults. It is unethical for minors to be tried as adults because the government has already set the age of eighteen as the age where we are seen as adults, the adolescent brain is not fully developed, and it will ruin the adolescents future to try them as adults before the age of eighteen. First, the government has already set an age were minors are seen as adults. Their should be no relation between crimes and adulthood, if anything a crime should show immaturity and should delay the age in which a minor is seen as an adult. A fifteen year old is old enough to be sentenced to life in prison yet is to young to smoke a cigarette. Why is it that the American government does not lower the voting age? Perhaps it is because at a younger age people are not mature enough to make the right choice. If there is already an age where we are seen as adults why not just go with that in determining who is or who is not an adult? Second, the adolescent brain works different than an adult brain. As adolescents we tend to act more on impulse rather than thinking things trough. As teenagers reach adulthood the frontal lobe of the brain which controls our rational thought begins to develop. This is why it would be inhumane to recruit young children into the military. The adolescents would act on impulse instead of thinking about any of the consequences, or making sure they receive what is best for themselves. How and when the human brain develops is not voluntarily controlled by us. How can an adolescent be charged as an adult when his brain is not fully developed or
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