Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal

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Lakeia Smith English 1302- C03 Professor John Wu October 24, 2011 Argumentive Essay: Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal The essay written by Thomas B. Stoddard, an executive director of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, a gay rights organization believes that gay and lesbian marriage should be legalized. Thomas presents his argument by using a relationship between two women. Karen Thompson and Sharon Kowalski were considered spouses in every way just not legally married. They lived together for quite some time until Sharon was struck by a drunk driver. She was disabled from the car wreck and had to reside in a nursing home. Karen fought for guardianship over her companion, but was denied. Sharon’s parents opposed and prevented Karen from visiting Sharon. Karen was denied visitation and company of one person who she devoted her life to. Thomas mentions that gay and lesbian marriages should be the choice of the individuals not the government. He promotes gay and lesbian marriages by saying those who vote against gay and lesbian marriage are people of injustice. He states that we cannot solely base our decision on history alone, if so most states would still prohibit the marriage of different races. Thomas states that marriage should promote family and stability and people should not be denied this right. By depriving millions of gay American adults the rights that come from marriage, denies equal protection against the law. Based on the information provided, I disagree with Thomas argument that gay and lesbian marriage should be legalized. I believe marriage should consist of a man and a woman. Marriage is a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman. This commitment is backed by the creation and nurturing of offspring. The society should not be concerned with legalizing the rights of gay and lesbian marriage. The society
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