Gay Should Get Married

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Gays should have the right to get married Cheryl Gentleman Philosophy 103 Dr. Tara LaCasta Revell September 12, 2011 Denying gays the right to get married is discriminating against a particular part of our society. Gays are a part of our society and should be entitled to the same rights as every other citizen. People should not judge others based on their race or their sexual orientation. We live in a free nation were everyone has the same rights in freedoms. This includes the right to marry anyone they want. Everyone should respect their fellow man allowing gays the same rights as they have including marriage. Denying gays the right to get married is a violation of their rights as American citizens and is considered unconstitutional. Gays should be entitled to the same rights as heterosexuals. Many of their constitutional rights have been denied do to the fact of their sexual orientation. They have been treated like second class citizens as if they are invisible. The constitution sates that all American citizens are to be treated equally and with the same rights. So why are gays outcast by so many including most states and our government? There no different than your neighbors next door. We should treat all Americans as members of our society including gays. This would allow them the same rights as everyone else including the right to get married. Each citizen in our society has the same right and freedoms. “Civil rights are the constitutional guaranteed rights of a person given to that person virtue of that individual’s status as a member of society.” (Gale
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