Civil Unions. Should They Be Accepted?

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Should the federal government recognize civil unions? A civil union is a partnership acknowledged by law between two adults of the same sex who relate in a way similar to those who are married. A question on whether the federal government should recognize civil unions has been and will continue to be hotly contested in all societies across the world. Adults who enter civil unions are not only members of the society, but they are beloved citizens this country and have a right to enjoy all the rights guaranteed in our constitution just like heterosexuals. Their sexual orientation should not be a basis to discriminate or prevent them from accessing all the benefits enjoyed by married couples. Some of these benefits include recovery benefits and joint leases. Forcing adults in civil unions to use separate establishments from those of heterosexuals is also discriminatory. Research has shown that homosexuality in most cases is not a choice but a natural orientation that makes people of the same sex want to relate in a similar way that married couples do. It is not easy to change things which are natural. Even if, homosexuality was a choice, it is against the constitution to discriminate people who have voluntarily chosen to enter into civil unions because that will be violating the constitution. The society is liberal and, everybody should be allowed the freedom of association and that of pursuing happiness as long as they do not interfere with the freedoms of other citizens. Recognizing civil unions by the federal government is a way of respecting the rights and freedoms of homosexuals. It is also a way of demonstrating the society’s willingness to tolerate other people who are different from them. These values are important in a liberal
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