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Same-Sex Marriage as a Constitutional Right 1) Compare and Contrast a) Theodore Olson is the author for the side supporting same sex marriage. He talks a lot about how far our county had come, socially. He mentions the Civil Rights movement and the Civil War, and the way we treated black community, to include interracial marriage. He talked about how a “compromise” was given to the gay community, which was recognizing civil union of same sex couples. He also talks about how we used to segregate black from whites in schools. I this sort of goes hand-in-hand. It is not really affording them an equal right. Taking the leap to recognize a civil union, should constitute legalizing a marriage. Olson’s argument revolved a lot around the leaps…show more content…
He talks a bit about how same sex marriage will affect children, which I completely respect. He discusses marriage being associated with civil right incorrectly for things like tax breaks, property ownership, etc. The majority of his article is based upon what he believes is the “definition” of marriage. He talks about marriage including or being based upon a number of things such as; romance, passion, the female body, spiritualism, etc. All things he obviously doesn’t think the gay community is capable of. I thought going into this assignment that if I read the oppositions portion of the debate, it would sway me to want to write this assignment against gay marriage, but I must say I couldn’t stand to read the authors article. Not only was it hard to follow, in my opinion, some of his statements offended me. (AND IM NOT EVEN GAY!) Marriage connects us with our animal origins? Gay marriage would just be a “contract between chums?” Suggesting that men cannot be monogamous unless being micromanaged by a woman? Suggesting that sex outside of marriage is comparable to rape for a woman? A married couple feels little or no sexual or romantic attraction to each other? Frankly, I thought it was a bit dramatic. I felt like he was really reaching and there wasn’t much consistency in his argument. I also thought that the majority of his argument had little or nothing to do with the constitution or even any…show more content…
Olson dreams of social acceptance and equality for our nation. Shulman dreams of a nation with old fashioned moral traditions. I can respect both. I do however think Shulmans argument was a bit ridiculous. I have read much better article opposing gay marriage that had much more constitutional relevance. 2) How does this issue relate to the U.S. Constitution? (explain and cite) This issue relates to the Constitution because the Constitution does not clearly define marriage. As I understand it, marriage was left up to the states to define. There is a high demand from both supporters and the opposition to amend the Constitution to define marriage. 3) Your opinion. a) In my opinion, both have their accuracies and both have some absolutely ludacris suggestions. I have never been a big supporter of the gay and lesbian community, but if my answer to the debate had to be cut and dry yes or no, I would say yes, gay marriage should become a constitutional

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