Argument Essay: Gay Marriage And The Declaration Of Independence

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Jessica Rasdall Gay Marriage SHOULD be a legal The Declaration of Independence states that are man are created equal and are given certain unalienable rights. These rights include Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. If this is so, why can’t people marry whoever they want to marry? Even though I’m not gay, I feel it is wrong to not allow gays to marry and if I was in congress I would pass a bill that made gay marriage legal in all states. If a person is deeply in love with a person of the same sex they shouldn’t have to worry about if the government will let them get married or not and I have many reason as to how the government is violating peoples right’s. Same sex marriage in many religions is considered a sin and that’s the…show more content…
New York is the sixth state to legalize same sex marriage. So think about, only 6 out of 50 states made same sex legal. This is really ridiculous because that means if a same sex couple really wanted to get married, they would have to move to one of these six states. I can’t even imagine having to move all the way across the country, away from my family and friends, just to get married. This is really sad to me simply because it’s a give or take relationship. You give away your time with your family and friend and the environment your used just to take your soul mate’s hand in marriage. The couple is then forced to stay in that state because they may not receive the same benefits in any other state. I believe that a same sex married couple should receive the same benefits as a man and woman married couple would. This means being able to move to different states and still being considered as a married couple. This also includes joint ownership of property, insurance benefits, and medical decisions. If I was in a position where I could make policies or bills, I would defiantly get on the topic of legalizing gay marriage. I would first purpose a bill that would outline how and why gay marriage is supposed to be legalized. The bill would help allow gays to get married where ever they wanted to. The bill would also give gay married couples the benefits that any other married couple would get. This bill would give a firm definition

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