Debate Against Gay Marriage

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There are several reasons why the U.S. Government should not accept same-sex marriage as legitimate or provide same-sex couples with federal benefits. Firstly, recognizing same-sex marriages would weaken the institution of marriage because it is defined as a union between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriage is a self-contradiction. The institution of marriage is already in a troubled state. There is near a 50% divorce rate among heterosexual marriages. Allowing homosexuals to marry would likely increase the number of non-serious marriages and the divorce rate will also more than likely increase. Secondly, almost every religion in the world considers homosexuality unacceptable, therefore a sin. Because it is recognized by every religion as a sin making same-sex marriage legal would be offensive and a disregard of the religious freedom we recognize in our country. We need to remember that marriage is a religious rite. Therefore, legalizing gay marriage would represent a type of sacrilege against the institution of marriage. It is furthermore an intrusion of the government into a religious matter and that is not in the scope of power of our government. The union of marriage exists partly for the purpose of having children. Since procreation can only occur between a man and a woman then same-sex marriage would not be able to achieve this purpose. There is a huge disconnection between homosexuality, and procreation and therefore, marriage. Lastly, homosexual relationships are abnormal and unnatural. Even though in today’s society, gay couples might be tolerated socially that does not mean gay marriage should be validated by the government. Using the same argument same-sex couples should not receive federal benefits. By granting gay couples federal rights, then our government is attempting to normalize abnormal behavior. These relationships and benefits will damage our
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