Adoption In America

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Javier Barrientos English Period 7 February 23, 2010 America is the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Is it really? A male citizen, a law abiding, tax-paying, citizen, wants to marry a man. He cannot. The State will not allow him to. Why? The state believes in the words of the Bible and the Bible says no to gay marriage. The U.S. Bill of Rights, which is part of the U.S. Constitution which is what the States and Country are supposed to base legislature and justified thoughts on, gives ALL citizens freedom and “freedom from religion” in the first amendment. The State should not be allowed to restrict someone of their rights based on a certain religion. It is unconstitutional. If someone creates laws that are unconstitional, restricting citizens of their natural and civil rights, the laws should NOT be allowed! People say that a married couple should have a family, a family that includes children. “Only a man and a woman, together, can conceive a child.” This is the opposing argument. For a gay couple, conceiving a child with each other is impossible. This is true, but not the ONLY option. Adoption is a great way for gay couples to possess children. An opposing…show more content…
Americans across the nation are introduced to the play in school. The play’s main moral is that true love should not and will not be separated. Most Americans agree, yet majority of those same Americans say gay marriage should not be allowed, even if it is a relationship based on great amounts of love for one another. These people would be hypocrites. They say true love should not be rejected, yet they themselves reject the love between homosexuals. If the State does not want gay marriage allowed, then why should they allow the play “Romeo and Juliet”, a play with which whose moral is the same of which homosexual relationships are based on, to be introduced to high school students if they are later on told
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