Against Gay Marriage Analysis

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Marriage is said to be an important contract, necessary to our societal structure. However, the debate over who can enter into this contract is argued by former editor Andrew Sullivan and cultural conservative, William Bennett. Both writers’ articles discuss points of view on the definition of marriage, who can enter into a marriage and possible societal impact. Andrew Sullivan’s article, “For Gay Marriage”, he defines marriage as “..the highest social public recognition of a private commitment..between two people..”. As well as “..recognition of personal integrity”. He uses these definitions to suggest that denying same sex marriage denies a person “..their public equality”. Although Sullivan concedes it’s hard to get around the legal…show more content…
He uses a bisexual who wants to marry two people as a possible example. He does not view upholding marriage to only include a man and a woman as a put down to others. Instead see it as an acknowledgement and celebration of marriage. Bennett feels it is not intolerant to view heterosexual marriage and same sex marriage as different, because “..making distinctions in the law is necessary to relationships that are distinct.” Bennett then moves to social concerns that allowing same sex marriage could cause confusion in children, promote promiscuity, and force the law to allow adoptions that could be detrimental. Bennett closes his article citing the sexual revolution and out of wedlock births as some examples of negative effects on marriage. He feels to allow same sex marriage would have adverse effects on an already weaken, keystone to
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