Love Is Love No Matter the Condition

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Julie Williams Mrs. Garcia Eng. Comp. 1300.002 1 May 2013 Love Is Love No Matter The Condition Equality among men has been the greatest accomplishment our great nation has come to agree, yet, it is still holding back everyone’s right to be equal. Who is to say what is and is not right? Same-sex marriage should be legal. Homosexual marriage should be on the same playing field as heterosexual marriage. Once this feat is mastered then equality will not hold boundaries as it does at the moment. In an interview with Katie Wiley, 37-year-old heterosexual college student and mother, when asked what the benefit of same-sex marriage was, she answered, “The benefit of same-sex marriage is equality. Everyone should be treated the same whether or not they are homosexual or heterosexual.” Pondering her answer makes it clear that not everyone is equal. The United States is about being equal no matter whether someone, as an American citizen, male or female, black or white, or even have disabilities. Yet, what the United States did not realize is that the judgment it held against homosexuals would come, in a sense, to bite them in the butt. Equality is about putting everyone on the same playing field. As of today, interracial marriages are equal to same race marriages thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Loving in the case Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S (1967), interracial couples are able to marry. Before this specific case came to court, different races could not marry one another or it would be considered breaking the law. After the case did go to the Supreme Court, all interracial couples were able to marry, making these specific marriages equal to same-race marriage. According to an online website, Marriageeuality, “…the United States Supreme Court struck down the remaining interracial marriage laws across the country and declared that the ‘freedom to marry’ belongs to all
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