Argument on Prop 8 Towards Jennifer Roback Morse

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Prop 8 Jennifer Raback Morse argues that “gay rights activists misunderstand the motives of proposition 8 supporters: The proposition is not an expression of hatred toward gays, but a way of restraining an overzealous state Supreme Court which had attempted to redefine marriage.” She views marriage as a “gender-based institution that attaches mothers and fathers to each other and to their children.” (pg. 83) I agree with Morse. She has a good point that the proposition is not an expression of hatred toward gays, but an attempt to redefine marriage, and children should have at least the chance to have a relationship with a mom and dad. I agree with Morse because the proposition was never to show hatred towards homosexuals, but it was to protect marriage. Personally I have gone through arguments with many people about the proposition and what I stood for as a person. I do believe that it is a right for gays to be with their other partner, but at the same time I believe that marriage should be considered between a husband and wife, and marriage is not only done under the state, but under God. If homosexuals want to marry in a church or any type of religious place, they shouldn’t because as a fellow believer of God, I don’t see how they can get married under God’s name, where in the Bible marriage is seen between a man and a woman and not a woman and a woman or a man and man. And if they choose not to follow God’s view on marriage, then why should they get married in the house of the Lord? It just does not seem right. One of my friends grew up with two mothers. He told me at first when he was growing up, he thought it was normal, but eventually when he started school and started to see other parents with their children he wanted to know how it felt to have a dad, because to him, two mothers was a bit different from having a mother and a father like all his
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