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Geneva Edison Professor Kelley English 101 July 16, 2012 Gay Rights and Civil Rights According to Julian Bond, “How can we deny the rights and privileges of marriage to gay people without violating the principles of justice, equality and respect for individual freedom” (Bond)? This statement has been the topic of discussion in our homes, our public forums, our churches, and our political society for ages. Although in recent ages, it was a topic that many did not want to entertain or discuss. However; this is not the case today, it must be discussed and we must make a decision as to whether gays should or should not marry. Bond also states that all Americans should have the right to marry the person of their choice, regardless…show more content…
“Ron Snider, president of the Evangelicals for Social Action and Professor at Palmer Seminary claims that repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (Doma) and legalizing gay marriage threatens religious freedom because religious organizations will be pressured to abandon their religious beliefs and accept or condone same-sex marriage” (Sider, Ron). This could mean that people will begin to interpret their own religious beliefs and apply them to their lives according. Most religious institutions believe that they will be sanctioned on what they can say about sexuality and marriage if this law is approved. However; when dealing with religious belief, it is up to the gay couple to decide what they want to believe and how to apply his or her beliefs to their current situation. Each person will have to answer to God in their own way. Moreover, God is love, and if these two people express their love toward one another by making a civil union, who are we to…show more content…
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