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Review of Chet Meeks’ and Arlene Stein’s Article “Refiguring the Family: Towards a Post-Queer Politics of Gay and Lesbian Marriage” While same-sex relationships have been recognized in countries like Europe, South Africa, Australia, and North America, America banned same-sex marriage one year after a Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples were entitled to equal rights. In Refiguring the Family: Towards a Post-Queer Politics of Gay and Lesbian Marriage, the authors Chet Meeks and Arlene Stein focus not on the resistance to lesbian and gay marriage by the American mainstream, but on the opinions within the lesbian and gay community, since the lesbian and gay communities have been divided in the United States about the issue. Meeks and…show more content…
To analyse their ‘post-queer’ basis for the politics of marriage, the authors use the work of Anthony Giddens and Cheshire Calhoun to establish that “same-sex marriage contributes to the trend toward increased reflexivity and expanded autonomy in intimate and sexual life” (138). Meeks and Stein highlight Michael Warner’s article which critiques the normalizing politics of activists and note that when entered into, marriage lends greater dignity to couples, but from the outside, the relationships are less worthy. The authors emphasize that same-sex marriage would not change marriage as much as it would re-define moral boundaries, thus making same-sex relationships…show more content…
Although Meeks and Stein appear to have the best intentions in this study to prove the struggle that same-sex relationships have to enter the marriage institution, the method of selecting viable evidence allowed them to create a slanted field to provide them with the best possibility to support their thesis. By choosing the best of the best of same-sex conservatives, they decreased their chances of highly variable and anomalous results. Their analysis is backed-up with results obtained from other successful studies done in the field of same-sex relationships to support their view. It is easy to predict successful results when using the most likely to succeed. This is coupled with a total neglect of the other end of the spectrum, the evaluation of the positives of heterosexual relationships in marriage. Meeks and Stein would have us believe that all things being equal, the dynamic of same-sex marriage has no negative influence on the family values and society. They even go so far as to assert that gays and lesbians are more likely to strengthen the traditional family values. Missing in this article are discussions and analysis of traditional family values of the heterosexual

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