Homosexual Marriage: Society, Rights, And Adoption

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Homosexual Marriage: Society, Rights, and Adoption The United States is denying good people a better life based on sexual orientation. Acceptance of homosexual marriage is a major issue in today’s society. This is a civil issue, and the United States needs to start realizing that they are denying marriage rights to homosexuals because of moral reasons. What ever happened to separation of church and state? Opponents of homosexual marriage feel that by allowing gay and lesbians the right to marriage undermines the traditional definition of marriage. However, as society changes and the demands of the American citizens change, there needs to be changes that comply with not only the traditional society but also with modern needs of the United States people. Not only are homosexual couples being denied marriage rights but also adoption rights in several states. There would be no harm to society by allowing homosexuals the right to marriage or to legally adopt; the positive impacts it would have on society are far greater then the negative effects. Homosexuals should get the same rights as any other United States citizen. For the United States to have a functional society, allowing all citizens, regardless of sexual preference, would be in everyone’s best interest to allow homosexuals the right to marry. Looking back at history, it was not that long ago that black and white marriages were not accepted in society. Accepting black and white marriages has made the United States a stronger society. Gay and lesbian marriages would not harm anyone; however, it would improve and enhance the lives of those couples involved. Allowing gay marriage would have positive effects on children to gay couples; in addition, allowing homosexuals to marry and adopt would help place some children, who may never be placed into a family, find families through adoption Allowing homosexual
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