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Federal v. State Government To this day the relationship between federal and state governments in respect to the constitution still effect the everyday person. Many people feel that it is unfair that a state government can null and void a federal law. But on the reverse side, people feel that it is unfair that the federal government can make a law legal without knowing the feelings and ideas of the people. Throughout history, there have been events that test the limits of federal and state governments. A recent event that proves federal and state governments are separate is the topic of gay marriage. The way the government is handling gay marriage has been shaped by earlier court cases. Madison and McCulloch v. Maryland, as well as the debate towards slavery in the southern states, have helped mold the government into what it is today. A major turning point in our history that effects…show more content…
For example, the debate about gay marriage and if it is legal. As of now many states do not allow the marriage of gay people. Some states allow them to become a couple but call it something else such as the union of two people. The difference between the state and federal government is that each state has a different law about gay marriage. Not every state agrees that gay marriage is wrong and illegal, but if the federal government were to pass a amendment outlawing gay marriage then every state who allows gay marriage would have to declare it unconstitutional and against the law. This shows that the federal and state governments have different restrictions. The state government protects the people of the state but the federal government protects everything in this country. Once something is declared unconstitutional, it will over ride any state government policy. Some people have mixed emotions about the way the government works but overall the relationship between state and federal governments protect the everyday

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