Analysis Of Thomas Stoddard's Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal

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“Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal” Stoddard’s “Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal” discusses the lack of freedom, fairness, and equality for same sex couples. The topic of gay marriage has been up in the air for years. Society has shied away from the subject maybe hoping it would just disappear but that won’t be happening any time soon. The government has tried different tactics to keep homosexual couples from marrying. If we were to go back and think about the founding of America you would see many instances of one person or group thinking they knew the exact way to live and morals to follow. The decisions and laws made centuries ago have changed so much mostly because of trial and error and logic. What was once something that went on behind…show more content…
Stoddard quotes the Supreme Court ruling in 1967 stating that marriage is “one of the basic civil rights of man” (Stoddard 737). This quote says enough for me to win the debate. If every man (which can also be translated into every woman) has the right to marry, then I believe that same philosophy should apply to whom that person wants to marry. The government gives us the right to marry in the search of happiness but takes that right away from us by telling us who we can and cannot marry. They are contradicting themselves because they are only giving some of us the right to marry in search of real happiness, the others are expected to shack up and pretend. If you are what is considered to be a straight person, you can go out, meet your soul mate, get married and have that wonderful American dream everyone talks about all in one night. Homosexuals however, can go out, meet their soul mate, and move in together but that’s about as far as they can get legally. They won’t be allowed to marry or reap the benefits of marriage in most states and if they decide to move to a state that honors same sex marriage it will only be honored in that…show more content…
He discredits the argument that, ”marriage is fundamentally a procreative unit” (Stoddard 738). The government tries to rectify not allowing same sex marriage to be legal because marriage is supposed to be a procreative unit. People should be entitled to love and marry whomever it is that they choose. The government tries to justify their standing on gay marriage by acknowledging the fact that same sex couples would not be able to birth a child together. If this is in fact a valuable reason to prevent someone from marrying, then why doesn’t the government create a law banning all women and men who cannot or will not have children from being able to legally marry. It would be funny to see the government try to make us sign a promissory note to ensure our obligation to have at least one child just to make their claim against homosexuality more

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