What's Wrong With Gay Marriage

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Gay marriage: seen with different glasses Is it marriage a personal decision or a social decision? Believed or not this topic is discussed for decades and the center of much controversy over the last several years. Something that once was simple and straight forward has recently developed a new facet. At one time the idea of homosexual marriages was almost unspeakable, yet today has become more main stream. Same sex marriage is an argument of civil liberties, but it also links to religions. Many Christians refuse to support gay marriage and argue that it is a violation in God’s words. However, Katha Pollit and Charles Colson in their essays show different points of view about gay marriage, providing a variety of types of evidence that support…show more content…
On the other hand, Katha Pollit is arguing in What's Wrong with Gay Marriage? That there is a shortage of families willing to adopt abounded and disadvantaged children. Most gay couples if they wanted to raise a child would adopt one; this is beneficial to society as a whole and the child. Rather than having to grow up in children's home and being shipped around from institution to institution the child would be put in a loving home. Second, the population growth rate of the world is fast outpacing the capacity of the earth. It would not hurt to slow the growth rate and not have everyone procreate all the time, so by accepting gay marriage we would be reducing the number of new children brought into the world and taking better care of those who are already in the…show more content…
His emphases that many people worry that children raised by homosexual couples would suffer from confusion over sex roles, and they might turn out to be homosexual. Society is afraid the continuation of this phenomenon will become a threat of human race extinction. In contrast with Pollit is totally different because she explains The considerable body of research on the children, and the parenting abilities of gay men and lesbians has consistently found that they are as good parents as their heterosexual counterparts and that their children do not differ appreciably from children raised by heterosexuals. In other words, children who are raised from homosexual households are no more likely to be gay or lesbian than other children. These are different points of view with important and credible

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