Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace Kelly Strayer University BUSS 100 04/29/2014 Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Workplace Effective communication skills are very important in the workplace. Effective communication skills go beyond than a simple conversations, for that reason some companies are investing in training their employees to be very professional in the effectively communication skills. Employees must know how to express themselves effectively when writing reports and emails or expressing themselves by phone or by video conference. Once you understand the benefits of effective communication in the businesses workplace, you can develop a better effectively communication with coworkers, customers, and suppliers, thereby increasing the productivity. Three years ago I was working for a company named Tech Biz, I was the assistant manager and was given the task to assist the international sales department .The company’s environment in an effective communication was very important, because the company deals with both national and international customers and suppliers on a daily basis. The communication channels included email, phone, face-to-face meetings and video conference. In the international environment we used to work with various dealers, manufactures, and distributors from all different countries and different types of businesses. However, I have experienced effective communication with our International customers most of the times. One particular case was when my sales manager, Ms. Moema, received a call from one of our international suppliers, who had an exigent request about the prices’ updates from our price list. After talking to the customer for two minutes, my manager gave up and passed the customer to me. She said that she could not understand what the customer’s request was because she couldn’t
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