Case 6.1 Leigh Ann Walker, Staff Accounting

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Case 6.1 Leigh Ann Walker, Staff Accounting Leigh Ann Walker was a graduate from a major state university who had a GPA of 3.9. A semester before her graduation, she had interviews with several public accounting firms and she received six job offers. After considering those offers, she decided to accept an entry-level position on the auditing staff of a Big Six accounting firm. Walker spent her first two weeks at her firm’s regional audit staff training school. When she returned to her local office, she was assigned to audit a hospital with Jackie Vaughn as her superior. Early in Walker’s second week on the hospital engagement, Jackie Vaughn asked her if she had taken the CPA examination in May. Walker replied that she had not but planned to take it in November. In truth, Walker had already taken the CPA examination in May and believed she failed it. Fear of failure, she did not disclose the fact to anyone. When the CPA results arrived and stated that she had passed all parts. Walker quickly let Vaughn know about her achievement and to her surprise; Vaughn seemed to be irritated with her. One day, Walker received a call from a partner asking her to meet him in the office. In the meeting, she was let go because of her lie. Case 6.2 Bill DeBurger, In-Charge Accountant Bill DeBurger was an in-charge accountant of the firm where he used to work. He had 18 months of experience; and he had been working for more than 900 hours in the audit of Marcelle Stores. The audit team was formed by Bill, two staff accountants, and five internal auditors. After two months of intense work, Bill had the responsibility to write the inventory memo. When Bill began to think about what he will express in the inventory memo, he realized that he was not sure about the accuracy of the information related with the inventory accounts of Marcelle Stores. He decided that he was not going to

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