Role Of Workplace Coaching

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Ilm Level 3 Award in workplace coaching Ensuring good practice in coaching The role, responsibilities and characteristics of an effective workplace coach are best described as follows. • The role of an effective workplace coach is to coach a person/s on Their daily activities in the workplace, a good coach will act as a mentor, support and guide an individual who is undertaking a new role or someone who just needs help with a job. To help them go about the best way of achieving a task and to bring out the best performance of a team. The coach should posses a wide range of abilities to demonstrate respect for the learners views such as making them aware of there own responsibilities and listening to them trying to develop…show more content…
The coach could use the managing people model which will help adapt the way in which he approaches the learner this will then enable the coach to get the best out of him/her. This will also address where each member of a team stands in development needs and what would be the best strategy the coach responds with. The GROW (Goal, Reality, Options and Wrap up) model is a very common tool used by coaches this helps in getting a person to achieve a goal or complete a task and gives a chance for the coach to gain trust and support and provide a follow up to ensure the goals are met. The COACH model is a good model to use when someone has come stuck with a problem for example “my welding set is not working” it allows the coach to help and guide the person on fixing the problem instead of just doing it for them .The coach can then ask questions about what have they tried to do to fix the problem so far and see if they no any other things they can try maybe offer some suggestions at this point, if they solve the problem you pop back and check later to see if there ok and offer some feed back. Another way to find out about individuals learning styles could be to use the honey and mumford style this provides a small test to see which group an individual fits in to this could be given to team members as part of an appraisal and kept on file this would enable the coach to adapt to the way people like to
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