Unit 44 Vocational Experience P5

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Unit 44 – Vocational Experience P5 - Explain how continuing development of staff influences practice in settings Staff development aims to promote and support individual and organisational capacity. It is the process of improving and increasing capabilities of staff through educational and training opportunities in the workplace, outside the organisation and by watching others perform the job. It allows the organisation to have a higher quality of staff. Staff development doesn’t just rely on the courses and workshops an individual might take but also includes mentoring, formal qualifications i.e. degrees, coaching and self-directed study. Staff development is important for the individual as it allows them to see how far they have come, appreciate what they have achieved and allows them to realise how far they can go if they work for it. It also benefits the organisation they work for. If an individual has…show more content…
You can reflect on this and decide that you're going to make sure what you're doing is right for the individual you're caring for. This then shows that you are constantly improving on your skills. There is also Tuckman's theory. This is the most common of the team development theories. The theory focuses on how a team progresses through a situation. Tuckman's theory is made up of 5 stages: stage one: forming - this is the stage when the team is put together and the task is allocated stage two: storming - this is the stage when the team starts to address the idea and suggests ideas stage three: norming - this is the stage when the colleagues take responsibility for their progress and is also a good time to discuss the progress of the whole team during a
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