Air Devils Inc. Simulation: Reducing Stress In The Workplace

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Improving Organizational Performance April 29, 2013 Psy 428 Professor Catherine Floyd-Jennings Improving Organizational Performance Job satisfaction and productive work performance are essential factors in an organization. Ensuring that employees are satisfied and capable of exhibiting quality work performance can be challenging. This report will explore the four major phases of the simulation and the solutions recommended for improving work performance. I will discuss the way motivational theories can increase productivity and ways to reduce stress in the workplace in relation to the simulation. I will also examine how human behavior, cognition and affect can enhance relationships within an organization. Air Devils Inc. Simulation…show more content…
Stress in the workplace can be caused by numerous reasons and can have a major impact on work performance and job satisfaction. It is important that the organization is able to identify the stress related issues and the contributing factors that are causing stress. The stress reducing approaches; stress management training, reduction of stressors and alternate work schedules and telecommuting are essential for reducing stress within an organization as well as benefit the employees at Air Devils…show more content…
This program has an educational section that offers the employees information about stress, a training section that provides methods to help employees recognize the stress in their work environment (Jex & Britt, 2008). I think this training program can benefit the employees at Air Devils Inc because it can help them cope with the stress within their work environment. Using the reduction of stressors can also help to eliminate stress in the workplace. Implementing interventions that help to reduce stress can also serve as a training program for the employees. Just like the employees at Air Devils Inc needed interventions implemented to help with stress reduction, interventions are vital for organizations. The employees at Air Devils Inc can definitely benefit from training in effective conflict resolution techniques because the simulation outlined the way employees were struggling with effectively interacting with one another. They can also benefit from interventions that can help to modify the team structure. Implementing flexible work schedules can also decrease stress in the workplace and contribute to improving organizational performance. To help employees handle the conflict and stress of the work schedule many organizations have adopted guidelines that allow alternate shifts and schedules (Jex & Britt, 2008). The

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