Skills Need in Today's Workplace

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Our world and workplace have changed dramatically over the last decade. Technology has made our work lives completely different. This change is necessary if we, as a population will succeed, and this change is more evident than ever before in the workforce. Professionals in the past had skills based on what befitted that generation, but with today’s fast paced demand for information, I feel that in order to keep up and to be successful we need three key skills sets, accountability, communication skill, and computer skills. Let me fist began with accountability. Accountability is major part of being successful in life and in your career. It seems like in society, people are just looking for any avenue possible to shift the blame and not take responsibilities for their own actions. I feel employers are looking for someone who not only acknowledges his or her errors, and take responsibility for his or her actions, but also someone who is willing to learn from their mistakes and not blame someone else. Everyone makes mistakes but the real test is how you react. Putting yourself in the line of fire and taking responsibility for your own actions is the mark of someone who wants to achieve great things, a key ingredient to being successful. The Second skill I feel you should possess in order to be successful in a job today, is Communication Skills. Having communication skill is not only being a good communicator and delivering your point. It is also the ability to listen, respond and convince others that you hear and understand what they are saying. Communication is a critical key in any field, whether you are the president of a successful corporation or if you are a receptionist answering the phones. Since every job entails working with other people, communication is a good skill to possess. The third skill to be successful is computer skills. In the past some

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