Ethical Lens: Sensibility, Equality, Rationality And Autonomy

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Personal Ethical Statement | There are different kinds of Ethical Lens: Sensibility, Equality, Rationality and Autonomy. There’s also the Right Responsibility Lens, Result Lens, Reputation Lens and Relationship Lens. Every person has something of each of the Ethical Lens. My results in the game are under Result Lens and Sensibility. It says that the persons under this Ethic Lens their primary concern are protecting individual rights. For this kind of person equality is very important. The strongest point of the persons under Result Lens is that they want equality for each person. For them is a win-win situation. A good example of this is at work if there is a situation at work and you have to resolve it this person looks into different points of view and will do what it’s best for both. It’s a very fair person. They want everybody’s satisfaction. The weakness of being under Result Lens is that you need to learn to reflect on your actions, because if you don’t learn it you will fail in your decisions and your life. People under Result Lens tend to be possessive and sometimes this characteristic drives people away. If the person under this Ethic Lens doesn’t learn to control it then they will have lots of problems in their lives and maintaining people in their life. I think that every company and school should do the Ethical…show more content…
Since he or she is under that Ethic Lens it will help a lot, because they can make a fair judgment on everybody because is on their nature. It is relevant to say that a good example for this is if one person on the team or at work is not doing his or her job or is not cooperating the person under Result Lens is good on helping others to see different points of view, not only one point. The optimism of that person will help others to see the positive side on each

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