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Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating In Good and Bad Times Who is the main Character Ron Bent the plant manager is the main character. He is tasked with attempting to turnaround the Engstrom plant because of low productivity and slumping profitability. What is Actually the Problem Although there are many different issues at the Engstrom plant, one of the main problems is that the management is not properly motivating their employees. This is causing low productivity and profitability at the plant, which is making Ron Bent the plant manager lay off workers and the Engstrom Family consider closing the plant. Bent describes this as a “vicious cycle”. Bent stated in the case, “Were paying a stiff price for slips in the productivity and…show more content…
In the case there is a lot of evidence which indicates that management is not effectively motivating their employees and this is leading to a decline in productivity and profitability. One reason would be management is not giving employees proper incentives to raise their productivity levels and they are using a financial incentive plan with major flaws in its design (Scanlon Plan). Another reason would be the decline in suggestions that are submitted, at the programs height 305 suggestions were submitted. Now it has dropped to 50 a year showing that employees no longer feel like they are contributing successfully to the plant success. This is a major issue because feedback is an essential part of motivating a person and making them feel valued in the company. Employees need to know that their ideas are being heard, and they must be presented with ways to improve themselves or the process as a result. Another, de-motivating factor that is affecting employee motivation is the perception of inequity amongst the supervisors and workers. Workers at the Engstrom have complained that supervisors should not receive…show more content…
Suggestions are currently submitted to a Screening committee that makes the decision to implement or disregard the suggestion, I think they should make this a more public process in which the committee picks the best suggestions and the employees take a vote on them. Restructure the bonus payout instead of making it monthly, quarterly or annually would be better. Create a better feedback system where employees and managers hold meetings to discuss productivity strategies or ways to get more employee involvement. Lastly, setting SMART goals (specific, measureable, aggressive, realistic and time-bound) for employees to achieve is a great way to increase motivation. Goals give direction, energize and challenge people to complete a task and promote creative ways of getting the job done. The Scanlon plan is the right idea for motivating employees; it just needs to be modified to increase

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