First Touch To Latin Jazz

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First touch to Latin Jazz Music is a kind of indispensable element of people’s day-to-day life. Music is not only a pastime or an expression of art; more significantly, it also conveys musicians’ spiritual world. Unlike the pop songs that we hear in our iPods, the live band gave me a new concept about Jazz music. It seems that jazz is less relevant to our daily life and I have never heart live Latin jazz concert before; however, I got a heart attack since I had my first close contact with such a type of music. What impressed me primarily was its combination of instruments. Tenor saxophone was in the front line of the band, which controlled the leitmotifs; bass and keyboard accompanied the main melody, and they were in charge of theme sometimes; drum and congas belonged to rhythm section, which were responsible for meters. In addition, a bamboo musical instrument called clave enriched the performance that played a strong beat. These are all typical instruments of jazz music. It seems that there was no need to use two kinds of drums in one band; however, since players showed us different timbres of these instruments and performed alone, each drum sounded thin, flat and unmeaning; in contrast, when these two tones mixed, it resulted a “magic reaction” in music, which was full of energy and great passion. It is the thing left a deep impression in my mind, which subverts my personal thoughts of the collaboration of a band. The second thing, which was stirring me, was what songs delivered to me. The whole concert included three different styles of musical compositions. The topic of concert is Latin jazz and songs were mainly about Afro-Cuban jazz and cha-cha-cha dance, which are branches of it. The first song “Your Feelings” was a combination of Blues and American Jazz had a moderate tempo and sounds of saxophone created a quiet atmosphere with a little

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