How Did Jimi Hendrix Change The World

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Jimi Hendrix was one bad dude. He is arguably the best electric guitar player in the history of the world. Surprisingly, Hendrix never even new how to read or write music, which makes him even more of a beast. Hendrix began to gain interest in music as a young boy. He learned from artist like B.B King and Buddy Holly. Jimmy was virtually a self- taut guitar player. After a short time in the army he returned to the states to pursue his music career. For several years he played in side acts behind several famous artist. Hendrix later left to England to play in his own band called the Jimmy Hendrix Experience. His band made it big in England and he soon returned to the United Sates. In 1969, Hendrix performed at the summer Woodstock music festival. This event is where Hendrix became most famous. Woodstock completely changed the musical world. Almost half a million people gathered to listen to the musicians that would be…show more content…
His jazz – rock fusion completely changed the image of rock. His unique sound led the way for psychedelic rock, which was played throughout the wood stock music festival. The way he uses different rhythms and pitches in his songs makes his sound so unique. When I heard his outdoor performance I was amazed at his influential swagger on the stage. Hendrix’s voice and guitar unite together to reel in his fans with his intense playing. The way Jimmie played completely changed the way the guitar was played. Many people say that his work is sloppy and unorganized. Many people say that there are much better players in the world. These people might be right but I can almost guarantee that there is probably no other artist that is as influential as Hendrix and that has changed music the way he has. After listening to some pieces of his work, they made me want to jump up on the stage with him and rock with my imaginary guitar. In my opinion he is the best

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