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Jimi Allen Hendrix Jimi Hendrix, a name that has and will continue to last throughout history and for years to come. Though Jimi Hendrix was just a musician he made major contributions to the music industry; which was a turning point in guitar playing. His style of guitar playing still influences musicians today. From musicians like Slash, to Prince to Eric Clapton who have all mentioned how Jimi Hendrix influenced them. This paper will not simply be about Jimi Hendrix and his music career, but it will also tell about the man off the stage, his childhood, the struggles he had to go through to get to where he was in his life, and the decisions he made that cost him not only his music career but also his life. I will also be throwing in comments…show more content…
He performed for over 180,000 people. This version of this song was the most important political statement in the 1960’s. There is still controversy as to what the meaning was for Jimi Hendrix to make his guitar scream like that at Woodstock, which was performed after his band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience. There are no vocals in this song. Jimi Hendrix is playing the electric guitar and there are also drums in the background. The melody starts off loud and ends loud. Jimi extends the verses and turns them into something wild. He brings more excitement into the song by doing this. Even though people thought that performance at Woodstock was one of his worst, this is still one of the best known versions of The Star Spangled…show more content…
I too am of mixed race and I love to play the guitar, even though I may not be very good at it. I find inspiration in Jimi’s perseverance and his ability to break down barriers. Drugs and addiction is something that has taken way too many talented people away from us far too early. The one thing that we all have to remember is that we are all humans and flawed. We must celebrate each others accomplishments and not try and tear one another down for making choices that we simply do not

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