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Heavy Metal Music In 1986 something strange happened and heavy metal became the most popular music in the world. Everywhere you looked kids were going their hair long, showing the devil’s horn sign, and playing ear guitars. But not everyone loved it. One writer was calling it sick, repulsive horrible and dangerous. Many people were against it. And then the lawsuits came. Metal artist were accused for causing kids to commit suicides or even murder. Metal fans were considered dead end kids. This music has millions of passionate fans world wide yet for 35 years it’s been consistently stereotyped, dismissed and damned. Why has metal caused such reactions? To find answer on this question I’m going to take you to the world of heavy metal. Before I get into how heavy metal is divided, I want to discover you who gets to be called first heavy metal band ever? Discussion about this is guided to a decades. There are a lot of different opinions but that is definitely Black Sabbath. Every cool riff has already been written by Black Sabbath everything everyone else does is just basically ripping it off, they are playing it just different or backwards or faster or slower, but Black Sabbath, they did everything already. It all happen on the streets of Birmingham, England in 1970. Sabbath took music on a darker more sinister place. Most people associate Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne now known as reality TV dad, but it was Tony Iommi Sabbath’s guitarist who is responsible for creating the band’s sound and the first true heavy metal riffs. When they started to write riffs it sound so different and darker- demonic, and most important everybody liked it. So developing of heavy metal all started with Black Sabbath’s Black Sabbath. The optimism and hope that decade had vanished and 70’s came down on everyone like dark cloud, Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward,

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