Jimi Hendrix Informative Speech

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Introduction Throughout the day, at one point, everyone will listen to some sort of sound. Whether it be an ambulance racing down the street, an enraged barking dog, or our own heartbeat. With the ability to hear being inevitable, sound plays a crucial role in the development of our lives. In our world today, the structured formation of sound is called music. All music brings some sort of feeling, some better than others. It allows freedom within people. It is a time where one can enter another dimension and stay as long as desired. Depending on how the sound is brought about, it can be extremely impacting on one's life, sometimes even life changing. Throughout music history there have been many influential song writers, producers, and musicians. Each leaving their piece in history. Although many famous, no musician quite left their mark and shaped the way Rock N' Roll is today, like Jimi Hendrix did. Today, ill cover three major sections of Jimi Hendrix’s life. These three phases include his early life, his actual career, and his young, tragic death. In other words, before he entered the spotlight, during his time under the spotlight, and leaving the spotlight of his time. Attention Material: When Jimi Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942, in Seattle, Washington, his mother Lucille was only seventeen years old. Unfortunately, she died when Hendrix was only sixteen years old and his father, Al, left the family soon after that. Having to battle through all these struggles at an early age forced Hendrix to have to fend for himself and this really translates through his music. Anyone who can overcome adversity like this and still make it to the top is a true legend. Body I. Born on November 27, 1942, in Seattle, Washington. Jimi Hendrix was actually born with the name Johnny Allen Hendrix, and was later changed to James Marshall. Jimi

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