Blood Sugar Sex Magik

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“Blood Sugar Sex Magik” is the fifth studio album by one of the most influential bands in the World — Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was released on September 24, 1991, produced by Rick Rubin. “Mother’s Milk” was their fourth studio album and it had a great commercial success (2 million copies were sold) but “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” became diamond in their discography. Blood Sugar Sex Magik has sold over 12 million copies worldwide and five singles of different songs from that album were released, including such B-Sides as “Soul to Squeeze” which became very popular. Recording sessions began in May, 1991, in mansion of Harry Houdini and ended in June. For John Frusciante, 21 years old guitarist, this recording session became the second in his career. During the preceding “Mother’s Milk” sessions, he had a lot of disputes with producer of this recording about how his guitar should sound on it. It led to some mistakes that appeared on the final record. Also, to be honest, during the recording, John was told what to play, although John had a lot of different interesting funky material. Be that as it may, John reveals his talent on “BSSM” record. During BSSM recording session a lot of different material was composed. From fast-funk energetic songs, such as “The Power of Equality” and “Give it Away”, to lyrical ballads, such as “Under the Bridge” and “Breaking the Girl”. “My lovely man” is song about Hillel Slovak, previous guitarist of ‘Chili Peppers and a good friend of Michael ‘Flea’ Balzary and Anthony Kiedis, who passed away because of drug addiction. A.K. seems to be reminiscing on the times he shared with his beloved "brother", and the fact that he misses him, and he can't ever replace him, and he will see him again someday. “Under the Bridge” begins with Frusciante’s intro that became one the well-known intros in music. Anthony Kiedis wrote the lyrics to express a

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