A Rhetorical Analysis Of Kendrick Lamar

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Kendrick Lamar Rap, Hip-hop, all portrayed as the same. The race to the top is the battle of egos as rappers try to outdo each other by proving who is the most “ gangster” . What they all have in common is how they idolize the way they were raised in the hood. Using the tough background to almost scare the audience. But where is the truth? Where is the vulnerability? Vulnerability, the word that separate’s Kendrick Lamar from any other Rapper in the game in the past decade. Someone so unique , that he is a true poet and lyricist of the hip hop world. The tone of most of Kendrick Lamar songs come from his witness of his friend getting shot in the head by an opposing gang. Growing up in Compton is the basis for most rappers, however Kendrick…show more content…
The way Kendrick raps makes the audience seem as if he is we are listening to his story. But with the information we know about him, his friend was the one who go shot. Therefor in the line, “You ran outside when you heard my brother cry for help Held him like a newborn baby and made him feel Like everything was alright” we can declare that the speaker is not Kendrick but the victim’s brother. Already Kendrick opens up a song in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Kendrick tells the tale of his friend’s brother in his own eyes. We no longer see Kendrick telling a story, but the brother. With this we can say that the song is dedicated to both the victim and the victim’s brother. It was said in an interview that this event was the turning point for Kendrick’s career. It is interesting to see the character Kendrick plays facing demons and guilt. “When I ride it's a murderous…show more content…
The character faces a demon that is telling him to take revenge back. By rapping with such passion it is almost as if Kendrick’s feels the same way. He narrates in such a unique way that we become a part of the scene. The lyrics tell us that the brother is also a street rat, but since he the story is a narration of himself, it is almost as if he is thanking kendrick lamar for telling the story, in a different way then he has, through violence. The brother recognizes the fact of the truth that he is in way to deep. The story is no longer for him to tell but Kendricks. The words from the victims brother is simple, if something happened to him before the album dropped, make sure he (kendrick) tells his story in a postive light. This gives us his most famous lines of his whole album, “ When the Explainlights shut off/And its my turn to settle down/My main concern/Promise that you will sing about me/ Promise that you will sing about me”. These are the words from the brother to Kendrick . Kendrick starts the song with this request but at the end of the verse, ends the life of this character. “And I love you cause you love my brother like you did/Just promise me you'll tell this story when you make it big/ And if I die before your album drop I hope –“ Kendrick ends the first verse with gun shots. The irony of it all is he kills off the character right before the

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