Billy Trayhorn: Song Analysis

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Unit 1 Listening Assignment Chapter 1 1.) Title - "Mood Indigo" Artist - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra Composer - Billy Strayhorn Musical Traits - The beat that the instruments play is what the song actually gets it's title from. Indigo, being another word for blue, is something of a sad, sobbing feeling. The notes the piano, saxophone, and trumpets play give off a "blue/indigo" or sad vibe, creating a blue mood to the song. Topic of Lyrics - There aren't any lyrics, just an instrumental song played by Duke and his band. Genre/Style - The style of music presented is that of the Big Band styled-jazz (emerged in somewhat of a northern, big city location), something that would later become a standard for the Swing Era. Reaction - I thought the fact…show more content…
It was something I could see being played on a peaceful night, as it's something I could enjoy and relax to. 4.) Title - Road Runner Artist - Bo Diddley Composer - Bo Diddley, Willie Dixon, Jerome Green, Ellas Mcdaniel Musical Traits - Not a very deep vocalist, the music was very up-tempo and he had somewhat of normal-high scream to his music, but sounded very well. The music was something that you could dance and swing around to at a pretty fast pace, as he was jamming on his guitar playing notes the entire time. Topic of Lyrics - The topic of this song is something that would go along with a party or dancing type of social event. As he says "Take my hand baby", and "You said you's fast". Genre/Style - His music was something that was placed under the Chess R&B/Chicago sound. It was powerful, and very distinctive. The distortion of the electric guitar with bass and drums to accompany it provides a very upbeat sound. Reaction - This song gave me a further in-depth look at what was considered the dance and "boogy" music of the past. I can picture parties or social events playing this type of music and the crowd, along with I, enjoying

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