A Cuban Band Analysis

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On the night of January 24, 2015 Luyano Band & Nedine del Valle Art were performing in the Miami Dade County Auditorium as a special guest from Buena Fe. They opened the show with their most popular song “Welcome back”, and performed nine pieces involving different kinds of unique and ancestral instruments. This Cuban band is not stock in the well-known Cuban folklore, they go further in the style and centuries. This band was crated on March 2nd, 2012 by Michael Gil. The members are Michael Gil (guitar and percussion), Manuel Clua (flute), Yuri Escobar (percussion), Gerardo Guerra Santana (bass), Emigdio Perez (electric guitar), Geordany Caraces (vocalist) and Eduardo Popy Ramos (percussion). The interesting part about their music is the fusion of genres, including elements of Brazilian music, jazz and classic music. What caught my attention the most was how the band make the audience mentally transport to Cuba and created the sensation that we were in a Cuban’ Theater. Some of the songs performed were Story playin (drum negrita), Climbing the Mountain, Vals, Eru aye, Caracteristicas de la danza (rumba), Caravan and Jaw harp.The highnesses of the instruments accompanied with the vocalist create a sensation of life and energy. The vocalist was scatting all the instruments that they used in each piece. It was fascinating how the vocalist could…show more content…
First, because I did not planned to watch them and second because Luyano Band is characterized for mixing the native Cuban music with jazz and this interested combination make me be proud of the Cuban culture. Every time people talk about Cuban music comes to our mind salsa, rumba, and folklore. Having the pleasure of listening to Brazilian instruments, jazz and all these ancestral instruments mixed with the traditional Cuban beat make me be proud of how talented is this band and how creative of giving a completely new impression of Cuban

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