How Did Jazz Changed America

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The 1920's era went by such name as how things got bopoular or how everything got big at the time got big. the 1920's jazz was big time because it was new era at the time because it was new american and the flappers. the age intolerance and the age of wonderful nonsense under and moniker the era embodied the beginning of modern american either technology , radio,, flappers, red scare, the great depression and jazz how it changed americans life during that time. Some people wonder how jazz started and changed America with music. The jazz Age was in the 1920s, but jazz actually began earlier than that. jazz grew out of the multicultural musical atmosphere of New Orleans in the 19th century. The population of New Orleans was made up of former…show more content…
The music that played in African American clubs was faster and wilder than the jazz played by the white dance halls, but even the jazz in the African American clubs was tame in comparison to the jazz of New Orleans. King Oliver is the best example of the shift in style that occurred when musicians moved from New Orleans to Chicago. King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band was highly successful in New Orleans. The early New York Jazz music was influenced by ragtime music, which had been popular there in the early 1900s. Scott Joplin had played in New York, and other great musicians followed in his footsteps. After The Original Dixieland Jazz Band played on Broadway, jazz musicians imitated the New Orleans sound. While not attaining the undisciplined and wildly erratic beat of New Orleans jazz, the popularity of jazz in New York increased drastically. The 1920s proved to be a Golden Age of jazz in New York. Jazz was diverse and appealed to people from every echelon of society. Louis Armstrong broke away from King Oliver's band and moved to New York, creating a whole new genre of jazz. Paul Whiteman, while not making any lasting contributions to the evolution of jazz, was popular with his classy and elegant…show more content…
During the 1920s or the “Roaring Twenties,” women did things they did not do before. They worked outside their homes. They went to college and played sports. Most important, they won the right to vote. Jazz began among African Americans in the South. Harlem, a neighborhood in New York City, was famous for jazz, art, and

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