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Ethics Interview Paper Joe Resch has been a police officer for the Rochester Police Department for twenty-seven years. Deputy Resch received his associates in Criminal Justice from Monroe Community College and was also in the Marine Core for about six years. He started his profession as an administrator at Palmers food service and then became a supervisor at the RIT campus safety. Prior to joining the police force, Officer Deputy Resch had to venture through a long process of testing. There was a physical fitness assessment, a psychological evaluation; written examination and interview, civil service examination which he took about three times and a health examination. Deputy Resch described that this procedure was very long and a bit overwhelming…show more content…
“I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith, and I accept it as a public trust to be held so long as I am true to the ethics of the police service . . .” Deputy Resch told me that this part of the code of ethics is what he understands the most. He works hard to protect the people of Rochester the best he can. I asked Resch if he thought that other men and women in his department connect to that same part of the code or different parts and he said “Everyone is completely different. They have diverse ideas that move them than others. I don’t think that everyone has the same ideas and opinions of the code. No two people believe in exactly the same thing.” Deputy Resch told me that there are many differences between stations to stations. The rules and regulations that are set differ from each station. Some stations are stricter than others; the other officers and their relationship with each other are diverse. Some stations the officers have a closer relationship with one another meaning that if an officer was to make a mistake, it would have a huge impact on their superiors. “No matter what we back up our fellow officers when we need to but there is no looking the other way or letting one make a mistake and not take the fault for it,” said Deputy

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