FIN 370: Ethics And Compliance

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Ethics and Compliance Paper FIN/370 Professor Christopher Hernandez October 10, 2011 Ethics and Compliance Paper In 1975, Microsoft was first founded and changed our lives forever. Now, almost thirty years later Microsoft has ensured a high level of satisfaction among its customers and partners. In this paper, we will discuss the ethical and compliance issues that Microsoft face in their financial environment, describe procedures within the organization to ensure ethical behavior, identify processes that Microsoft uses to comply with SEC regulations, and evaluate the financial performance during the past two years, using financial ratios. Ethics and Compliance Microsoft has been fighting the Federal government in court for years…show more content…
Everyone one from their employees all the way up to upper management and partners must adhere to the code of ethics put into place at the corporation. Microsoft recognizes that they face intense competition and will continue to face harsh competition across the markets of products and services, but yet they refuse to bend any rules in order to make it to the top. Microsoft also has a code of standards for their finance division that is separate but in addition to their ethical standards. The finance code of ethics demands the executives and the employees to act in a responsible manner and to avoid conflicts of interest. It also demands the employees to abide by the laws and regulation set forth by the state and federal governments. The code of ethics is based on the company’s core values. The values of Microsoft includes having strong integrity, being compliant with regulations, maintaining the trust of customers and shareholders, responsible management of the way the organization is ran. Most importunately having respect for the environment and the people…show more content…
The organization has a separate code of ethics for their partnership program. Microsoft defines what they feel is unacceptable behavior when conducting business in the company behalf. Some of those include: not allowing unauthorized copying, distribution, or use of computer software under any circumstances. Microsoft also recognizes that if a partner is caught doing any of these offenses, they will be held responsible for their actions. The ethical program that Microsoft has in place is very effective. It gives everyone the opportunity to be responsible for their own actions; either way all employees, top executives and partners know where the company stands when it comes to

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